Cape Herb & Spice

    Founded in 1994, Cape Herb & Spice is based in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, South Africa. Today, the company is regarded as a global leader in the herb and spice industry, supplying premium condiments as well as bespoke food gifting worldwide. Product ranges span the herb and spice Read more [...]

  • Son of a Butcher

    Purveyor of grass fed, free range, pasture raised meat (or by whatever name you want to call it) and creator and producer of artisanal sausages. They have great cuts of free range and pasture reared meat  including game meat, liver, lamb, duck, beef and marrow bones.

  • African Marmalade

    African Marmalade grow indigenous African vegetables and fruits. Supply organic seeds and seedlings.  they secure markets for indigenous produce, train farmers and supply farm hands services.  

  • Real Meat Co

    They meat  is processed at the shop based in Hillcrest. The butcher, Sebastian is one of the best sourced butchers and is always happy to help make sure you get the cut you are looking for. Their meat is seasonal,  this means they can only able to supply what is Read more [...]

  • Hope Meat Supplies

    Hope Meat Supplies is passionate about supplying top quality meat to health conscious individuals who care as much about the humane treatment of animals and traceability of their food as they do. Although organic meat is very difficult to farm on a commercial basis, they pride themselves on delivering a Read more [...]

  • Leeukloof Cheeses

    Leeukloof Cheeses is a completely solar-powered micro-cheesery situated near the Leeukloof valley in the Ruiterbos district of Mossel Bay. They are on a  mission is to produce the best natural cheeses without any chemicals or artificial substances added. They make different types of cheese and  can also make according to Read more [...]

  • Breaking Ground Organics

    Breaking Ground Organics is a proud supplier of certified organic seeds and seedlings. Through our certification, we are able to offer transparency and assurance of our claims. We are a small company that believes in building trusting relationships and valuing honest relations. We don’t only want to grow business but grow people’s minds Read more [...]

  • Garden Mecca Nursery

    Garden Mecca Nursery is a wholesale factory outlet based in Centurion, Gauteng with a large variety of landscaping plants. We also offer a variety of aquatic, indoor, hanging, and edible plants and garden decor. If you’re having a nutrient or pest issue, we have an assortment of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, Read more [...]


    Happy Land Farm specializes in breeding high-quality Potchefstroom Koekoek, Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire chickens. They sell meat and layer chickens as well as a selection of table and fertile eggs. They also run chicken workshops on ethical chicken farming

  • Gay’s Guernsey Dairy

    Gay’s Guernsey Dairy is situated in Prince Albert in the Karoo, the dairy has become an institution and a meeting point for locals and visitors to come together, enjoy fabulous hand made dairy products and get a real taste of farm life. All the products are made using full-cream, raw Read more [...]

  • Umuthi Botanicals

    Umuthi Botanicals stocks a huge range of pure top-quality aromatherapy and massage oils now available wholesale to the public in South Africa. Sprouting seeds and natural flea control are also available to order. Buy Essential Oils from this simple to use uncomplicated online shop.  

  • Grow Green Organics

    Grow Green Organics based in George, is well known for being the only provider of a Registered SABS approved Organic Mulch Mushroom compost in the Garden Route area. Mushroom compost is environmentally friendly.  It is organic, recycles waste and saves water. Mulching your garden is equivalent to having your weekly Read more [...]

  • Health Hub

      Health Hub is a health shop in George where you can buy a range of good quality health products. These include SOLGAR and Solal (supplements, herbal extract capsules & omega oils); over 100 essential oils & carrier (massage) oils; Health Connection, Nature’s Choice & Bodicafe (nuts, seeds, grains, dairy free Read more [...]

  • Funguys Gourmet

    Funguys Gourmet is producing quality mushroom cultures and mushroom seed spawn. We keep cultures of both edible and medicinal mushroom species, for the fungi-enthusiast out there. All mushroom cultures sold are the property of Funguys Gourmet cc. and was developed at Funguys HQ, Abundance Farm, Rheenendal, South Africa. We keep stock of various growing Read more [...]

  • The Munching Mongoose

    Munching Mongoose is a box delivery scheme, and works with local farms and local distributors to find you the freshest, most local produce and groceries available in and around Johannesburg. You can customize your delivery schedule up to three months in advance, as well as your order.

  • Nature’s Nourishment

    Organics and fertilizers you can order online have them delivered to your door without the hassle of going to the shops and having to dirty your boot. Also supply pots and tools. Bulk and single supply. Delivery in Johannesburg area.

  • Funky Chickens

    Funky Chickens is an ONLINE supplier of ethical, free-range, pasture-raised and BEYOND ORGANIC meat to families and individuals all over Cape Town. They stock everything from free-range beef mince to celiac-friendly chicken sausage, from acorn-fed pork chops to grass-fed butter. They are especially passionate about their chickens, and if you Read more [...]

  • Coco Caju

    An organic cashew based ice cream company started by vegan sisters passionate about compassionate living, plant based food and good ice cream. They produce vegan ice cream that is free of chemicals, preservatives. They use organic cashews and various superfoods to bring you an ice cream that mimics real dairy Read more [...]

  • Ahimsa

    Ahimsa is a Cape Town based vegan lifestyle brand aiming to provide a range of quality hand-crafted goods, gourmet foods, and cruelty-free services, promoting the Ahimsa way of life. They provide delicious, healthy, plant-based ‘convenience’ foods, helping to make vegan-living that much easier and scrumptious. We offer a variety of freezer-friendly Read more [...]

  • MarCarBar

    MarCarBar was established in 2010 as a vegetarian, vegan and raw catering business specialising in outdoor festivals and markets. Since then they have been contracted to cater for weddings. workshops and personal / individual events. They serve vegetarian, vegan and raw food using only the best ingredients ie. coconut oil, sea salt, free Read more [...]

  • TnT Honey

    TnT Honey is harvested from local areas within the Western Cape. The honey is spun from the frames into large stainless steel drums  and gravity flown into jars to ensure it remains in its natural form. No heating, no straining, no irradiation and no other chemical processes involved. TnT Honey Read more [...]

  • Wurmbosch Wormery & Organics

    Wurmbosch Wormery & Organis produces the highest quality Organic Compost. They work along side their hard working earthworms to produce the best vermigro ,soil conditioners and compost teas available. We believe Vermiculture is the most sustainable and effective way of combatting years of over fertilising , soil abuse and an ever Read more [...]

  • Bristle Cone Nursery

    Bristle Cone Nursery specializes in unusual and popular plants, ranging from cold hardy exotic and indigenous plants to water wise and desert plants. They have been growing and breeding plants for the past 30 years and have many cultivars sold all over the world that originated in their nursery including Euonymus ‘Gold Read more [...]

  • Essential Compost Pty Ltd

    Essential compost produce & deliver compost in bulk. Johannesburg Pretoria Area in Gauteng South-Africa. We are situated in Glenferness, Kyalami, Midrand. Their compost is produced locally from a combination of sawdust and horse manure. The compost is sold per cube and the delivery is included in the cost. Our horse Read more [...]

  • Rebel Seed

    Rebel seed offers open pollinated and heirloom seeds, grown, hand harvested and selected for resilience and plant health with love! Regenerative Landscape design and community workshops.  

  • Veggiewors

    Vegetarian sausages, homemade using all natural ingredients, soya free, suitable for vegans and really very tasty! They’re great fresh but also cook well from frozen in either a frying pan or on the braai (and they don’t fall apart). They cost R180/kg which works out at about R65 for 6.  Read more [...]

  • Bare Nature

    Bare Nature makes raw natural treats and bars from scratch in their kitchen, with only the freshest ingredients and love! They also encourage you to design your own bars to suit your dietary needs and taste buds requirements! They invented the Bare Nature Nutrition Bar as a unique food product that was a “raw”, tasty, nutritious, Read more [...]

  • Back Area Gardens

    What started off selling home grown organic veggies at very odd hours, from a humble hole in the wall down an anonymous lane in the rural-urban ecovillage Oude Moulen, has turned into a wholesome organic grocery store, deli and coffee shop.  Started by Margot in 2009 selling veggies from her Read more [...]

  • Urban Rain Systems

    Urban Rain Systems offers a range of rainwater harvesting and water storage solutions. The revolutionary RainCell tank range is ideal for urban areas, freeing up valuable space and offering a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional unsightly “round” tanks.  available in Cape town and Johannesburg.  

  • Just Plants Nursery

    Just Plants Nursery is a retail nursery with extremely competitive prices for Shrubs,perennials,standards, trees, fruit trees, groundcovers, seedlings, hanging baskets, fertilizers, potting soil, compost and lawn dressing. We also provide landscaping advice, general gardening advice and hiring of plants for functions.Gift Vouchers available.

  • The Gravel Garden

    The Gravel Garden supplies Heirloom seed to the Home grower, Small farmer and Gardening enthusiast. Also they ‘farm’ a garden in the suburbs of Somerset West with the main goal of saving and supplying vegetable seed as well as eating tasty,  nutritious and ultimately the freshest  homegrown produce.

  • Nature’s Delicacies

    Nature’s Delicacies is a distributor of healthier alternatives snacks and food. Established in 2013 Natures Delicacies has seen progressive growth year on year and established a solid foundation with major retailers and independent stockists throughout South Africa. Nature’s Delicacies currently distribute Nakd, Trek and Fruit Bowl Healthier alternative snacks.

  • Earthshine

    Earthshine’s aim is to make it easy for you to attain your health goals by eating highly nutritious, organic, raw and living foods. They show you how easy it is to make a raw diet accessible and simple to implement into your life, by taking small but significant steps. A Read more [...]

  • The Hungry Herbivore

    Another win for city-slicker vegans, is this quaint, 100% plant based artisanal eatery in the vibey part of town. They also sell their own product range of healthy vegan snacks and see themselves as bridging the gap between health and comfort food. Started by a husband and wife team as Read more [...]

  • Freshly Grown

    Freshly Grown is a one stop virtual organic shop. Freshly Grown delivers your weekly seasonal fresh produce, dairy, free-range meat and all your other pantry staples straight to your home or office! We have increased our delivery areas and now service the northern suburbs and East Rand of Joburg as Read more [...]

  • Culterra

      Culterra manufactures concrete paving, bagging pebbles and gravel and supply the industry with timber products manufactured from pine and saligna,  they also manufacture chemical, organic, water-soluble and slow release fertilizers at our new premises on the west of Johannesburg where we are currently situated today. A lack of indigenous Read more [...]

  • Braeside Meat Market

    Braeside Meat Market is a full service, organic butcher shop. They provide information on their farms, the pedigree of the meat and cooking tips on how to best prepare your purchases in your own kitchen. Enjoy a traditional experience with an experienced block man, who is always behind the counter Read more [...]

  • Mel’s Honey infusions

    Our infused honey is GMO free and has no preservatives or colourants.  The rare and amazing goodness of honey is combined with our interesting flavour choices will have you coming back for more.  Let your creativity take flight while experimenting with our product range. You will soon agree that Mel’s honey Read more [...]

  • A Taste of Honey

      A Taste of Honey specializes in high quality South African honey. We offer a diverse range of honeys fresh from the beekeeper to the public. Other products from the beehive are also available such as propolis, beeswax, royal jelly and pollen.Our honeys are sold in a variety of containers, Read more [...]

  • Kalyan Herbal

    Kalyan Herbal Products is a supplier of natural and organic products for the health conscious and environmentally aware. We were founded in Cape Town in 2007 out of a passion for all things natural and organic, a desire to provide our clients with quality wholesome products, and a commitment to Read more [...]

  • Atlantic Fertilisers

      Atlantic fertilisers complete line of soil conditioners and fertilisers are based on many years of research, field trials and work with commercial growers. These are products that get real results in the real world and are available to the home gardener, market gardener and large commercial grower. Atlantic Fertilisers Read more [...]

  • Just Organic Fertilizer

    Just Organic slow release cattle/kraal fertilizers are turned and cured repeatedly at 65’C over a 6 month period, thus breaking down all weed seed and pathogens ensuring a completely environmentally friendly, low odour, weed free product that will increase soil microbial biomass and water holding capacity. Just Organic product are Read more [...]

  • Bark Unlimited Organics

      We take pride in our products that we’ve developed for over three decades. We are so confident that our products are of the highest standards that we use a large proportion of it in our own wholesale production nursery.

  • African Honey Bee

    At African Honey Bee, we believe in helping rural, disadvantaged families transform their lives through their own God-given talents and the miracle of raw honey production on their doorstep. The programme focuses on more than just skills development and job opportunities – our holistic approach empowers communities with the self-confidence Read more [...]

  • Fertilis

    Our company’s aim is to help heal the soil and we have been doing this through gardening, maintenance, landscaping, Permaculture Design & implementation, workshops on growing organic edibles, soil and environmental rehabilitation methods for farming, and greening urban areas (including rooftop gardens).

  • Talborne Organics

      Talborne Organcis manufacture and distribute innovative and exciting product ranges to organic and sustainable farmers, landscapers, turf care and gardeners through our national distribution channels across Southern Africa. These include organic fertilisers, natural and organic weed control inputs for certified organic production, the Urban Box for container gardening. Talborne Read more [...]

  • Gardener’s Glory

      Gardener’s Glory is a small urban honey company in Cape Town. All our honeys are raw, meaning they are untreated, strained – not filtered – and free of any additives. We bottle the honey per garden, to keep the unique character of the honey. It is not unusual for Read more [...]

  • Super Sprout

    Super Sprout is an exciting range of heirloom vegetable seed slabs,created to help you enjoy more delicious and health-giving fresh produce in your own home and garden. You can use Super Sprout products to grow and harvest your own nourishing veggies. Super Sprout seed slabs are a real treat for Read more [...]

  • Foxenburg Estate

    Foxenburg Estate is situated on the spectacular northern slopes of the Groenberg in the Wellington area of the Western Cape.Here, a herd of Swiss Saanen goats is expressly maintained on the certified organic farm pastures for the production of premium quality goats milk cheeses. The Estate also offers accommodation

  • Terra Madre

      Terra Madre is a small family farm in Elgin Valley, operated by Chef Nicole Precoudis, and it produces organically grown vegetables and export quality fruit. Terra Madre also sells farm deli products made with olives and fruit grown on the farm.

  • Ecosoil

    Ecosoil’s mission is to provide products and services that enable farmers to raise their profits in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, by decreasing their dependence on fertilisers and insecticides, as well as increasing the volume and quality of their production. This result is facilitated through raising soil fertility and Read more [...]

  • Olli Organic

    Olli are passionate about children’s nutrition and believe that what we feed our children plays an enormous role in their development.At Olli, we’re modern moms and dads just like you, and we know first-hand that one of the most valuable resources in modern life is time. So we set about Read more [...]

  • Honeywood Farm

    Honeywood Farm has been in the Moodie family since 1817 and borders the wild and wonderful Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve up against the Langeberg Mountains. It is a nature lover’s paradise and offers hiking, mountain biking, birding, horse riding, and swimming in rivers and pools all in a peaceful and secure Read more [...]

  • The Wensleydale Farm

    The Wenselydale farm is located 45 kilometers north-west of Johannesburg, South Africa. It lies in a dolomitic limestone area, which has a sandy loam soil and exceptionally pure, sweet water. The soil needs only compost to grow the finest vegetables and organic fruit. They have a distribution center on the Read more [...]

  • Agri Organics

    Our organic compost and soil fertilizer is manufactured in Grabouw, we offer a delivery service throughout the Western Cape. Our compost can also be collected at any of our depots currently situated in the Helderberg (Somerset West / Strand), Grabouw and Hermanus. All deliveries and collections can be in bulk Read more [...]

  • Mawganics

      Mawganics strives to empower people through classes to make the best food choices and offers a convenient snack box service for once a week ordering and collection at different pick up points. We also offer various catering options.

  • The Cape Honey Bee

      The Cape Honey Bee was started by 2 part-time beekeepers, supplying Raw & Urban Honey, which mean we do not heat, filter, irradiate or mix our honey, or you can go super natural and order our Honey Comb. *Note that the flavours of our honey changes from batch to Read more [...]

  • Probio

      Probio is a South African product developer and producer of non-toxic, fully bio degradable and sustainable probiotic based alternative products for the conscious consumer.  Since 2009 they have been producing everything from probiotic supplements to cleaning products and compost tools

  • Earth ProBiotics

    Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, healthy people and a healthy planet. It starts with feeding your soil with compost – made with bokashi fermented food waste, worms or just a windrow; it doesn’t matter as long as you compost.

  • Redberry Farm

    Redberry Farm is a commercial strawberry farm and popular family entertainment venue and tourist attraction in George, South Africa. We have a selection of eateries, family and children’s activities as well as a farm stall.

  • Free Rangers

      FreeRangers is an online business dedicated to sourcing the finest free range products directly from the farmers and bringing them to you in CAPE TOWN Currently we are selling free range chicken, free range eggs, free range pork, free range beef and wonderful free range lamb from the Karoo. We Read more [...]

  • Tea of Life Raw Kombucha

      Tea of Life Raw Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea made with organic teas, natural infusions and beneficial cultures to create a nourishing and health-boosting refreshment. Its revitalising properties come from the rich enzyme and probiotic content – and it’s free of artificial additives, flavours and colours!

  • Cape Town Market

    The Cape Town Market is one of the oldest and largest fresh produce markets in South Africa. Our market is over 50 years old and services over 5500 producers delivering fresh produce to our market agents, who in turn sell the fresh produce to over 8000 registered buyers

  • Green Genie

      Established in 2010, Our mission is to set out to provide solutions to change the way in which residential and commercial waste generators deal with food waste. Food waste is a valuable resource which can be utilised to enrich soil that will enable us to grow food without the Read more [...]

  • Dew Crisp Farms

    Dew Crisp has two major operating centers, in Johannesburg and Cape Town, both of which are fully vertically integrated. Dew crisp uses hydroponics for large scale farming and conventional farming techniques. They have wide range of prepared salads in pillow packs and tubs; prepared fruit salads in tubs; and prepared vegetable Read more [...]

  • Agricare

    We supply high quality and naturally derived products for sustainable soil fertility and plant growth. Sustainable Farming and Gardening Inputs – Natural Fertilisers, Natural Soil Conditioners, Vermiculture and more.              

  • Plantup-za

    **URBAN GARDENING MADE EASY ** We manufacture #PUZAgrowbags; Fabric Garden Growbags are hightech ‘plant pots’ + Accessories ~ Growbags for home and community gardening in South Africa. ~ Think small space urban gardens expanded into 3D and vertical food garden spaces for South Africans in cramped quarters. We’re the driving Read more [...]

  • Vegan Yoghurt Culture

    Finally, you can have your own kind (non-animal) yoghurt! Add blended fruit, fruit chunks, choc chips, oats, vegan honey substitute, (gourmet d-lite spread) or leave it plain. Great in curries, straight from the bottle, or as a cream option for desserts! You need roughly 1/4 tsp V culture per litre Read more [...]

  • Biogrow

      Biogrow supplies a full range of certified organic products for home gardeners and farmers, including insecticides, fungicides and foliar feeds. we are a small family run company based in Hermanus and we supply in small packs nationally through nurseries and hardware stores in south Africa, as well as in Read more [...]

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