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Hout Bay Food Security Project was created as a recognition of the grave, unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 presents to our community. Its aim is to grow food in every available space in our Community.

The Initiative focuses on food production through the small veggie gardens particularly in the townships located in Hout Bay which are Hangeberg and Imizamoyethu. This is essential as the crisis has brought about loss of employment to many in our community, hence the need to grow food is more sustainable than relying on handouts.

As the corona-virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic continues to put strain on the global food supply chain,
more and more people around the world are turning to home food gardening. In addition, currency
deflation and rising food costs have further stimulated an increased interest in home food gardening.

Community garden projects should be prioritised as one of the major response measure to counter food shortages and
hunger in our communities. With many losing their source of income and relying on food handouts there is need to
empower our communities to grow their own fresh food in every available space in their homes as a way of countering
hunger. This project will go a long way in lessening the burden of food support on the community from the stakeholders
concerned and the government at large.


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