What does “Good” mean?

GOOD means:
  • GOOD for people (is produced in a healthy way),
  • GOOD for the earth (helps to regenerate ecosystems and the soil),
  • and GOOD for local economies and communities (pays fair prices and uses fair labour practices).

The Good Food Network empowers the public to make choices that support their health, the earth, and their communities, and promotes food sovereignty which means that people are able to exercise their choice about the food they eat, how it is grown, where it comes from and how it is traded.

The Good Food Network:

  • is a mapped platform that uses geolocating to connect the public with local organic and natural food places, skills, and services closest to them
  • encourages personal relationships and direct transactions to build trust and accountability between small businesses and conscious consumers
  • helps to reduce food miles, climate change and environmental impacts by promoting non-toxic, chemical-free food made locally
  • helps ethical retailers, artisanal food makers, natural and organic farmers, service providers, get exposure to more customers
  • helps small food producers shorten the supply chain, increase their profit margins, and operational efficiencies
  • saves food entrepreneurs many thousands of rands in setting up their own website and e-commerce stores
  • provides food entrepreneurs with efficient systems to take orders, take payments, generate invoices, track transactions, manage stock levels and communicate with customers
  • promotes practices that pay fair wages and invest in community empowerment

Places listed on Good Food Network fulfill at least one of the GOOD definitions listed at the top of the page, being GOOD for people, earth, or local economies, and should be committed to always improving.

Honesty and transparency with customers about where they on their journey is a platform requirement.


Good Food Network envisages a decentralised, regenerative food system, where farmers are committed to building healthy soil and are paid fairly for their produce. We envision a world where non-toxic, nutrient-dense food is accessible and affordable for all, a world where people have sovereignty over their food and health; and a world in which communities are supporting themselves by growing independent, thriving, and resilient local food systems.Good Food Network is committed to accelerating the growth of the GOOD food sector until it replaces the current (broken and toxic) industrial food system.

Our aim is to provide a platform for every farm, restaurant, health store, consultant, supplier, and organisation working in the good food ecosystem to close loops, connect with each other and support each other.

If you know of others playing a role in reinventing the food system, please ask them to get in touch by emailing hello@goodfoodnetwork.co.za so that we can add their details to the platform, connect them to others, and share the great work they are doing with the world.

The time to create a regenerative world is now!


Welcome to South Africa’s organic, local, fair, ethical food directory, marketplace, and fundraising platform.

Be a food super-hero with every bite. Together we can reinvent the food system!

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