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Our garden program is called Love Gardens.
We would like to establish, equip, train and give after care to 20 Love
Gardens during 2021. There are a total of 140 gardens across all 7 municipal districts of the Garden Route.

We class the Love Gardens essentially in the following manner:

1. Micro gardens – mostly establishes in backyard, high density living areas where, because of a lack of soil space, we encourage residents to cultivate food in a vertical hydroponic stack.

2. Household gardens – self- explanantory, these gardens are established in residential gardens and vary in size from 6 to 20 sqm.

3. Community gardens – these gardens are established at churches, creches, schools or any other sizable portion of land that is availed to us. We allot portions to the selected farmers who then cultivates the crop.

The Love Gardens are resourced with the following core values in mind:

1. Harvesting of water is paramount
2. Drip irrigation or best method of water conservation is applied.
3. Composting and every other means of creating biomass is applied.
4. We prefer multi-crop farming as well as chicken/ egg farming to be included in the basket of produce.

Each garden requires an amount of R 15 000.00 to be established.
Produce will be presented as non-certified organic or naturally produced.
Love GRF possess the ability to work effectively with community based financing, running a low cost operation, ensuring that all community investments are leveraged for maximum outcome.
Please help us achieve our goal of establishing and supporting 140 community gardens across the Garden Route and DONATE or share NOW!
Thank you!


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