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UnPoison is an advocacy and public awareness organisation working to change agrochemical use and policy in South Africa.


It is comprised of a collective of organisations, farmers, farm-workers, professors, scientists, doctors, lawyers, aligned to the goals of:


  • – Banning of highly hazardous chemicals;
  • – Ensuring effective regulations and monitoring of chemicals used on par with the EU or superior;
  • – Safe disposal processes for banned pesticides;
  • – Access to and easier registration processes for alternative remedies that are non-toxic;
  • – Better labeling;
  • – Adequate compliance education for those that use the chemicals;
  • – And occupational health and safety education for those that are affected by their proximity to them. 

UnPoison’s members and supporters include Biowatch, SAOSO, GMO & Poison Free Zones, Food Growers Initiative, Surplus People’s Project, Green Times, AWARD,  UCT’s Dept of Public Health, Khanyisa Education and Development Trust, PGS SA, SAFL,  Ground Work, Ecocert, Climate Reality Network, TATIB.


Ultimately UnPoison wishes to see public health, labor rights, and a safe environment prioritised and an agricultural sector free from industry capture.


To find out more visit the website


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