• Lindros Whole Earth Consultants

    Lindros specialises in Agroecology. LINDROS uses a whole systems approach to the development and management of Fertile Healthy Soils and promotes appropriate treatment and management of all on site waters resulting in communities that are successful, self-supporting and which enjoy food security all within stable natural environments. Agroecology is the Read more [...]

  • Eat To Thrive

    From the docks of the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Himalayas, Arabella’s food journey has taken her far and wide. From yachts, to environmental organisations, to free diving around the world, she feed off adventure and the nomadic life. Her food is a catalyst for connection, for growth. A Read more [...]

  • Gardening for Wildlife

    Gardening for Wildlife assist you with attracting wildlife to your garden in South Africa and pride themselves to be the specialist in gardening for butterflies in Johannesburg and surrounds (Gauteng province). Please contact them for an evaluation of your garden to get those butterflies, birds and other beautiful creatures in Read more [...]

  • Bliss Herbals

    Bliss Herbals is founded and run by Siobhan Ashmole, a dynamic force for transformation and healing. Siobhan combines her medical knowledge of the human body, holistic healing philosophy, clinical experience in homoeopathy, interest in eco-therapy, passion for grassroots empowerment, spiritual connection to the teacher plants of the world and a Read more [...]

  • Enviro Solutions Centre

    Enviro Solutions Centre a non profit organization which focuses on raising awareness of how we all can contribute to being part of the solutions for the environmental crisis which we are all facing and all collectively creating. Their three areas of focus are food production, energy and waste.

  • Life Green Group

    Life Green Group operates across South Africa and Southern Africa in countries like Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Gabon. They provides landscaping services, indoor plants as well as sports field and golf course construction, upgrades & maintenance.

  • South African Food Labs

    The purpose of the SAFL is to facilitate the interaction, communication, and collaboration between different stakeholders, including those with conflicting interests, to highlight the need for and to design and implement coherent, systemic responses to the food system through collaborative learning and experimental action.

  • Naakt Honey

      They cultivate and distribute a broad range of honey & bee products, which is exclusive to South-Africa. The colour & taste is dependent on which flowers the honey bee collects their nectar from. Each & every bottle reveals unique African Botanical. It is their passion to rescue Honeybees and Read more [...]


    You have a Choice 365 days of the year … Prevention of stomach and intestine disorders, Excessive burping, Reflux, Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, Chrome’s and Degeneration is better than waiting for it’s too late 🍀 Get to the Root Cause of Your Disease and Validate your risks

  • Schäffler’s Garden Nursery

    Schäffler’s Garden Nursery,Schäffler’s Landscaping and ‘Under The Trees Garden Cafe’ is a family run business owned by Anthony and Christine Schäffler. For over 20 years our nursery has been changing and growing as an established name in the industry. Take a stroll through our nursery where we offer an impressive Read more [...]

  • Bridget Kitley’s Herb Nursery

    Bridget Kitley is growing her herbs from home in Stellenbosch. Hosts regular workshops. Consults. Teaches her vast knowledge. Bridget Kitley’s Herb Works Cosmetics are all 100 % natural with no additives. Click on this link to watch Bridget Kitley’s Herb Works on YOUTUBE: http://tinyurl.com/zq3ov9s

  • Fertilis

    Our company’s aim is to help heal the soil and we have been doing this through gardening, maintenance, landscaping, Permaculture Design & implementation, workshops on growing organic edibles, soil and environmental rehabilitation methods for farming, and greening urban areas (including rooftop gardens).

  • OwnGrown

      We provide a personalized approach to helping people become more self-reliant and reduce their impact on the environment in the fields of water management, food production, land regeneration and micro-climating.

  • Village Gardens

      We started from running a tiny garden stall at the famous Oranjezhicht market in Cape town, to know running a business in landscaping and edible gardens. I have been passionate about gardening from the day I was born to now. We help change your garden space to a special Read more [...]

  • Grow Forward

      Our philosophy is centred around regenerative design and a belief that if our work aims to mimic natural systems, we can have a regenerating and positive impact on our landscapes. Our homes and gardens can be spaces for us to find ways in which we can live in harmony Read more [...]

  • Green Cape

    We support businesses and investors in the green economy to remove barriers to establishment and growth. We also support local, provincial and national government to build a resilient green economy.

  • Afristar

      Afristar Foundation is a Permaculture organisation taking an optimistic, action-oriented approach to the environmental, energy, food, water and climate crisis the world is currently facing It focuses on the small solutions that we can implement now, to save the Earth & ourselves.

  • Biomimicry SA

    As a regional network of Biomimicry3.8, biomimicrySA promotes the study and imitation of nature’s remarkably efficient designs, bringing together scientists, engineers, architects and innovators who can use those models to create sustainable technologies. This process of consulting life’s genius utilises a clear, proven design methodology, complete with effective implementation tools, Read more [...]

  • Urban Farmers South Africa

      With the ever increasing cost of food and the tremendous pressure that industrial farming places on the environment, urban agriculture seeks to provide a form of pressure release in both the aforementioned. Growing your own food, however, need not only be about saving you money or preserving the environment. Please feel Read more [...]

  • Guerilla House

      Guerilla House is a shared learning platform for the experimentation and pursuit of regenerative technologies and regenerative worldviews. Our framework is permaculture. Our context is urban. And our purpose is to make permaculture training affordable and accessible. This is an impromptu and organic training space where we learn practical Read more [...]

  • Oude Molen Eco Village

    It is a vibrant and diverse village community that provides jobs, food security and youth development to the local, neighbouring and outlying communities in the region. Here you will find numerous metal, wood and craft enterprises, social projects, food gardens, a public swimming pool and recreation facilities, a frail care Read more [...]