The Refillery

The Refillery is an exciting, new planet-friendly grocer offering a stylish, convenient, PLASTIC-FREE, ‘weigh-and-pay’ shopping experience that helps you to stock and re-stock your pantry with the highest quality, ethically-sourced products without all that wasteful packaging normally associated with a trip to the grocery store.

Not all our products are certified organic. We prefer to source our products from Small, Family run businesses who generally cant afford the certification but quality and transparency is key. Products that say ‘Organic’ in their description we can produce certification for but the rest of the products are all chemical free, pesticide free with no nasties at all. By supporting SME and family businesses we can continue to grow the economy together instead of larger corporations who control the markets.

Growing worldwide awareness and concern regarding the environmental catastrophe brought about as a result of the uncontrolled use of non-biodegradable, single-use plastic packaging. Cyril Ramaphosa and Environment Minister Edna Molewa have recently launched the ‘Source To Sea’ initiative to try and combat plastic pollution around South Africa’s coastline. The ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is currently estimated to cover 1,6 million square kilometres, an area larger than South Africa and Zimbabwe combined. “94% of all beach litter in South Africa is made from plastic of which 77% is packaging”.

We started The Refillery because we are really concerned about our beautiful planet and we want to try (in our own small way) to help. The Refillery offers a casual, friendly, grocery shopping experience in a stylish, simple, modern, ‘old-school cool’ environment with a repurposed feel of natural wood, textured surfaces and polished concrete floors. The Refillery offers a Home Delivery and Refilling service plus a Call and Collect facility. The Refillery makes it easier for the environmentally-concerned as well as convenience-seeking customers to fill their pantries and play a part in helping to reduce South Africa’s (and the world’s) plastic pollution crisis.

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Welcome to South Africa’s organic, local, fair, ethical food directory, marketplace, and fundraising platform.

Be a food super-hero with every bite. Together we can reinvent the food system!

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