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The Organic Emporium is an online and physical store for the healthiest food you can buy in Gauteng. The company was founded in 2003 and taken over by Deborah Logan in May 2009. Debbie is a committed food activist dedicated to bringing her customers into a closer relationship with their food, educating people about what they are eating and promoting organic and ‘whole’ food – food that is untainted with the chemicals and preservatives that characterize modern food production systems and the factory ‘farm’. Debbie Logan is committed to making healthier eating ‘mainstream’.
We want to buy and sell in a socially responsible way, a way that is protective of and nurturing towards our planet; more fair in the distribution of wealth -supportive of our health and kind to our bodies. We will support fair trade wherever we can because this is living as socially conscious human beings…conscious of our impact..healing our planet, layer by layer, person by person, deed by deed. We are not only interested in organic ‘certified’ products, we will support farmers who are farming organically but not able to afford the certification process… with equal fervour. We endeavour to make shopping for an organic lifestyle easy for you, by continuously expanding the product availability and delivering it directly to your doorstep!
Organic Emporium’s mission:
* To make an organic lifestyle affordable, accessible and easy.
* To bring the consumer and the farmer into a closer relationship.
* To stimulate debate on what organic truly is; to empower the consumer with information.
* To sell produce that has been grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers in rich, well nourished soil.
* To support the growth of non-commercial organic growers in South Africa through working with local PGS guarantee systems so that ‘certified’ is not our only choice…

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Welcome to South Africa’s organic, local, fair, ethical food directory, marketplace, and fundraising platform.

Be a food super-hero with every bite. Together we can reinvent the food system!

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