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Come visit us at GOOD SOURCE, we make reducing your waste and finding alternatives to single-use plastic products convenient and simple! We strive to source our products from individuals and brands that want to create a positive
environmental impact. We also view success as helping both suppliers and customers take steps to reduce their waste. On our online store you will find loads of locally sourced, downright good for you groceries and other zero waste options for yourself, your family and your home. We carefully source and select the brands we sell so you can trust that every plastic free product you’ll find in our online shop is of the best quality, as natural as possible and kind to our environment.

Our earth is becoming more polluted everyday through our unnecessary wasteful lifestyles.  We have little choice but start living consciously and try to reduce the amount of plastic waste that we’re all contributing to. Single-use plastic is a massive global problem, so every choice we make matters.

Kim Drennan has always been passionate about our planet and recycling has been part of her everyday life for as long as she can remember. She has taught her children from a young age to be conscious of the choices they make and how to be responsible citizens that care for their environment. It was out of this passion and pure frustration of not being able to buy unpackaged products that Good Source was borne. Kim proposed the idea of doing something about it to her brother, Phil and close friends Jen and Nicole and this awesome foursome team was formed.

Globally, plastic free shopping is taking off because retailers are finally realizing that change has to happen. An Amsterdam supermarket introduced their first plastic free aisle in February 2018 and Britain followed 9 months later. Whilst these are positive steps, we can’t afford to wait or rely on the big supermarket chains to implement change in South Africa. Good Source believes that every choice matters…now! And we want to give other people that feel the same way a chance to also change their buying habits so we can all help reduce plastic waste and live more naturally.

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