The PGS Pollinator Program is a project under the Knowledge Hub for Southern Africa.
The PGS system is a social system of collaboration between farmers in local hubs with the outcome of peer-to-peer based organic certification.
This program is set to develop organic farmers in Southern Africa without the barriers of costly international third-party verification.
Other countries that are participating in the Knowledge Hub project are Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Namibia.
South Africa is taking a lead on PGS development within the region. SAOSO and PGS SA are working to develop the Organic sector in SA.
PGS is the solution to the failing food system we are faced with. Organic agriculture is the past and future of the food systems, preserving the soil for the 7th Generation.

Additional budget is required to address the huge demand with PGS certification nationally, farmers will directly benefit through training, knowledge exchange and certification.

PGS pollinators conducting the audits will be able to have additional time covered, the technical PGS support team that are current offering pro bono services to push forward PGS nationally.

Most of the money will be spent visiting farmers nationally and providing the technical services to see this program go from strength to strength and help thousands of farmers access the organic market sector with a quality verification system and certification methodology.

Recurring monthly donations will enable us to amplify our impact ongoing, training and supporting farmers around the country so that we can grow and feed Mzanzi with nutrient dense non-toxic, and accessible food for our nation.



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