There are 66 farm worker families in the Hoeko Valley who have been largely unemployed due to the drought in the area that has caused farm bankcruptcy. These families are likely to remain unemployed this year.

COVID 19 has exacerbated this, and also stripped the area of any income from tourism, which may have brought some employment into the area.

This campaign is raising funds to provide food relief for these families including fuel for deliveries of food parcels. We urgently need to raise at least R16500 per week for 8 weeks – preferrably in advance for planning and procurement purposes.

Health, energy saving and gardening information will also be shared during drop off visits with the intention of developing a stronger food production campaign for longer term food security.

Two to three generations ago, large scale and small scale farmers were  largely food self-sufficient,  despite the inequalities. The emphasis on export markets, increased inequality and shifts in agriculture have almost eroded the culture of food growing across the area.

The food support during drought and COVID has not been comprehensive or effective.


We will also share info and training on rocket stoves, Wonderboxes, remonders of indigenous immune boosters, nutrition and wherever else we can help.

This food relief will also allow for conversations around the broader issues of food security and land access for farm workers. And action. Many people are still very emotionally attached to small gardens they have.


We have already grown seedlings and made seed packs to support home gardeners. We can support small home gardens and gardeners. This will start as the food support starts. From here we can work on identifying and accessing land for larger production.

We will use all the media at our disposal to develop and promote this endeavour.

Berg en Dal is a Permaculture training NPO which has been in Ladismith for 20 years, and would like to support their neighbours. We are working with our staff on the farm and their networks into the Hoeko Valley. We have networked with churches, NGOs and private individuals. And are linking into future agric hubs and farmers who are willing to share land.

Hoeko Valley Farm Workers: Weekly Food-aid

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