The Good Food Network (GFN) is South Africa’s most comprehensive online resource for finding local, ethical, fair and sustainable food, events and skills. The GFN aims to accelerate the growth of the GOOD food sector until it replaces the current (broken and toxic) industrial food system.


What does “Good” mean? GOOD means GOOD for people (is produced in a healthy way), GOOD for the earth (helps to regenerate ecosystems and the soil) and GOOD for local economies and communities (pays fair prices and uses fair labour practices). GOOD includes ethical, fair, local, sustainable, organic and natural.


The Good Food Network:

  • is a mapped directory that uses geolocating to connect the public with local organic and natural food and events
  • helps natural and organic farmers, food producers and experts get exposure to more customers
  • promotes training courses and events about healthy, sustainable food to help spread knowledge and skills
  • has an extensive resource library covering all aspects off growing, preparing, and eating GOOD food
  • publishes information and news on everything organic, ethical, sustainable, fair and local

The Good Food Network empowers the public to make choices that support their health, the earth, and their communities and promotes food sovereignty which means that people are able to exercise their choice about the food they eat, how it is grown, where it comes from and how it is traded.


If you have a place or event you think should be listed, please contact us on so we can share the GOODness! 🙂