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The Unwrapped Co. is an online zero-waste store in Gauteng where you can buy pantry staples and eco-friendly household products package-free. Providing a fresh twist to old-school, when eating wholesome package-free food was the norm, we hope to make this way of life affordable, accessible and fun!  We love our products and the stories behind them. We strive to provide quality products while at the same time aim to reduce waste from supplier to store to you. All our food products are GMO-free.

All food products are dispensed in reusable glass jars or bottles, ranging from 250ml to 3L. Although products are priced according to weight, no one likes a half-empty jar, therefore we have determined the weight of each product in the volumes available, and the price will reflect this. We work with a deposit system for the glass jars and bottles, similar to the milk bottle exchange of old. You pay a fully-refundable deposit on every jar. When you place your next order, we will deliver your order and pick up the empty jars you may have and provide you with a credit on your account, or alternatively, refund you the amount. If you do not intend to order from us again, please contact us with regards to our return address to receive your deposit refund.

We ask that you take care of the jars and not use them for anything other than the intended purpose, as you are essentially renting the jars from The Unwrapped Co. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund for broken or damaged jars. Once returned, jars will be cleaned and sanitised. Packaging for delivery may not be ‘pretty’, as we consciously choose to use recycled boxes and packaging material. If we do not have sufficient stock of a requested product, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer a refund or alternative product.

I’m Marlies, wife to an amazing supportive husband, and mom to 3 beautiful kids. How did I end up with an online zero-waste store? If my 4yo had a say, my store would be selling pink “Tangled” hair and fairy wings. The idea of a zero-waste store sprouted out of my frustration that locally available package-free goods are so limited. I am also fairly new to the zero-waste lifestyle. I am still a far cry from only filling up one eco-brick of rubbish a year.  Although certain transitions were fairly uncomplicated, my biggest setback had to be (and still is) grocery shopping. I was basically left with a choice:

  • Trip all over town to find package-free or bulk foods, or,
  • Walk to the shops, squeeze my eyes shut and buy.

The goal is to make zero-waste shopping accessible to our larger community.  To make it convenient enough for anybody to give it a shot. And yes, I’ll be the first to tell you that I tend to backslide more than I move forward. Making a lifestyle change can be pretty overwhelming. But if we focus on one small change at a time (e.g. grocery shopping with reusable bags) we can make a difference.  Here’s to an exciting journey ahead!

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