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A kitchen is a place where raw ingredients are turned into nourishing food for our bodies. We collect your organic kitchen scraps and give you back enriched vermicompost to grow fresh food!

Through working with passionate farmers we understand the need for a better approach to managing our soils. To ensure a healthy future for our children we need to give back and return nutrients which we have used in growing our crops.  We must change the cycle of extraction to one of replenishment. The good news… There is an ever growing movement towards improved soil management and regenerative farming techniques and, The Compost Kitchen wants you to be a part of it!

Organic waste is the most problematic waste stream because it produces methane in the landfill, and can pollute groundwater when dumped in the landfill. We have a big dream to divert all South Africa’s organic waste from the landfill so that it can be properly composted, and thereby become a valuable soil conditioner. During this journey, we aim to demonstrate a more fuel efficient way of collecting waste, while educating that waste has value, so that other entrepreneurs can be inspired.

We will collect your organic kitchen waste, and return it to you once our hungry earthworms have transformed it into ‘vermicompost’. Vermicompost is premium compost made by earthworms – which is the way nature intended – and will provide biology in addition to nutrients. This is a new model of recycling – where you get something back. Every month you will get back 2kg of of high quality vermicompost, which you can use in your vegetable garden or pot plants to grow food again. The vermicompost has all the nutrients a plant could possibly need, so all you need to do is add water and seeds and it will give you homegrown food. Imagine when we scale and 1000s of homes are receiving the basic ingredient for growing organic food, how the food system will change! This is our way of tackling food security in South Africa, while solving the waste problem.

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