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Whether you are a ‘BIG’ commercial farmer or you own a ‘SMALL’ patch of garden, we offer healthy, safe and sustainable organic options that will perform to professional standards on all projects. TALBORNE ORGANICS manufacture and distribute the following innovative and exciting product ranges to organic and sustainable farmers, landscapers, turf care and gardeners through our national distribution channels across Southern Africa: ✓  VITA & ECO Organic Fertilizers approved Inputs for Certified Organic (Control Union EU & NOP). ✓  ENVIRO CARE Fertilizer blends of organic enriched with chemical fertilizer for biological farming ✓  NATURAL & ORGANIC WEED CONTROL approved Inputs for Certified Organic (Control Union EU & NOP) TALBORNE ORGANICS also distributes the following select ranges: ✓  BIOGROW Organic Pest & Disease solutions range ✓  KANNAR EARTHSCIENCE Organic & Natural Pest & Disease Control range ✓  FERTILIS EARTHWORM CASTINGS for Soil Conditioning ✓  ORGANIC & GARDENING BOOKS – Essential Organics, Jane’s Delicious Gardening Books Let’s get GROWING HEALTH for a cleaner, greener and healthier future!

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