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Free-Range Wagyu

Our history with Wagyu started in 2008 in collaboration with a genetics company based in Cape Town.Our carcasses are graded using the Australian Marbling Score (MS) from MS 0 (no marbling) to MS 9 (exceptional marbling).

Wagyu beef demonstrates exceptional eating quality, mainly due to high marbling, low fat melting temperature, its juiciness and depth of flavour.

The Wagyu breed is native to Japan and directly translated means ‘Japanese Cow.’

The Tajima blood line produces the best quality and can be found in the town of Kobe.

Originally the Wagyu breed was used to pull carts and ploughs so they developed larger forequarters, lighter hindquarters and a unique intramuscular fat system to have energy in reserve.

They are generally small framed and have slower growth rates needing up to 36 months before slaughter as opposed to other breeds that require 16-24 months. Production costs are therefore much higher.


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