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The objective of the founding Partners of “Made in McGregor” was so that Brenda could have an outlet to sell her home-baked goods, Pip a place to share his PGS PRODUCE from BRIGHTWATER FARM on a daily basis, Susan to sell her delicious foods and organic produce, Sally, a store from which to sell her Health Products, and Paul to add his expertise to the financial side. It has, however,”organically”grown into much more than that. It has become a store of convenience from which the people of McGregor and surrounds can both buy most of their daily needs and sell their creative produce. We now have a group of exceptional local people involved either baking healthy take away meals, or producing superior produce from cheese, vegan-cheeses, free range healthy meats, grass fed dairy produce, local raw honey, ethically grown produce from their gardens, and beautiful locally produced self created goods..from cushions, bags, artwork, plants and books. It is a shop that is ever evolving …. Hopefully it will save people time and money, and be pleasing to all. However the consumer must not expect to find junk food, sugar based drinks, wheat flour or UHT milk in this shop, or walk away with a plastic bag as, we are environmentally aware and health conscious, so bring your own bag/ basket or buy one of our “forever” bags. We encourage recycling of bottles and plastic containers in our bid to help save the environment, but would appreciate you doing your bit too, by returning cleaned containers. Our aim is to help and satisfy the residents and tourists of McGregor.

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Welcome to South Africa’s organic, local, fair, ethical food directory, marketplace, and fundraising platform.

Be a food super-hero with every bite. Together we can reinvent the food system!

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