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Our unique range of Cape Indigenous Food is sold through PEDI Agrihub. Please phone or WhatsApp Zodidi on 078 431 59 49 or send her an email at zmeke@pedi.org.za to get the current week’s availability list and prices. Please note that we only sell to wholesale buyers.

Local WILD Food Store – a collaboration bringing you local indigenous and wild foods of the Cape

Local WILD Food Store is a collaboration between Local WILD, PEDI Agrihub, our “early adopter” suppliers, producers and buyers and the Good Food Network.

We are passionate about seeing local indigenous foods readily available and used in homes and businesses.

In striving for this, we are guided by upholding equity and diversity in restorative engagements with people and with places. 



Local WILD   

is a voluntary association whose mission is to engage people in getting to know, grow and use the forgotten local indigenous and wild foods of the Cape. 

We believe that this re-engagement is meaningful in addressing pressing local ecological, economic and social concerns in our climate variable world.

Our collaborations span research, knowledge co-creation and sharing, cultivation and cooking initiatives. Together they represent an accumulation of knowledge and experience which is attracting a growing like-minded network.


PEDI (Philippi Economic Development Initiative) Agrihub

serves as a network of urban farmers. We grow local indigenous food and are the logistics partner to get Local Wild Food from Local Wild’s Partner Farmers to you.

Our mission is to connect emerging farmers to markets, and provide the resources and training they need to get there.


N’Rougas Farm

is in the heart of Bushmanland, just South of the Orange River. Here the stars shine bright, an abundance of indigenous edible plants that have adapted to the arid environment flourish. The farm just has begun a new journey.

Mother and daughter, 4th and 5th generation of landowners, are partnering with a local family who has worked on the land for three generations. Our purpose is to rejuvenate the soil and the spirit on the land we love, producing a range of flavourful and health-rejuvenating indigenous plant foods.


Ubuhle Bendalo Food Gardens

is a PGS-certified market garden growing and selling quality vegetables and herbs to restaurants and organic markets.

We focus on building soil quality and increasing biodiversity using natural methods. Therefore, a portion of our garden is dedicated to growing and promoting local wild foods. These crops are well adapted to the local climate and are water-resilient.

We also share knowledge about healthy crops with the local community and provide them with access to affordable nutritious fresh produce.


Living Soils Community Learning Farm

grows a variety of nutrient dense vegetables using ecologically regenerative farming practices.

The Learning Farm is a teaching farm that provides practical internships to grow the potential of emerging young farmers. Food grown on the farm supports local food security initiatives, and currently contributes to daily meals for over 200 school children, and 20 at risk farm worker households of the Lynedoch valley community just outside Stellenbosch.

Additional produce is sold to customers to generate income to support the Learning Farm.


The Good Food Network

GFN’s platform has put short supply chain transactions in place when produce is sold at the local WILD Food Store. This ensures maximised earnings for our collaborating growers and producers. It also offers complete transparency regarding provenance of all produce, as well as the opportunity to learn about the wild foods that buyers might not be familiar with.

In time, we hope to extend availability beyond the Cape, embracing foods, growers and end users across all of South Africa.


 Local WILD  |  PEDI  Agrihub   |   N’Rougas Farm |  Ubuhle Bendalo Food Gardens  |  Living Soils Community Learning Farm | The Good Food Network

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