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Isivuno Naturals was started by Zikhona Tefu, owner of O’live Handmade Soaps (a skincare brand that produces high quality products for local and international markets).  It was started as a direct result of her struggle to locally-source high quality, traceable, fair-traded and ethically-sourced shea butter for use in her natural, skincare products. Isivuno is a Xhosa word for “harvest”.  We celebrate Africa, our continent’s rich harvest of pure, quality ingredients.  We believe every good skincare product starts with real, pure, and trustworthy ingredients. We are honored to share this rich harvest of African SKIN NOURISHING, ORGANIC AND NATURAL resources with you!

In 2016, Zikhona started importing small quantities of unrefined Shea butter from Ghana, choosing to source directly with a co-op in rural Ghana.  By 2017 other producers were also choosing our shea butter, due to its quality and traceability, which then led us to start importing and distributing bigger volumes to the local market.

We are committed to source high-quality ingredients from producers who use fair-trade practices, and who are both are authentic and transparent. Our mission is to provide the great quality raw ingredients at great value. We go extra lengths to ensure that quality standards are met for each of the ingredients we stock.  We want to help individuals and businesses have access to the best ingredients in South Africa. As South Africa’s premium bulk suppliers of raw, unrefined shea butter, our aim is to delivery the best quality products, at the best value.

Try our raw shea butter, you will love it!

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