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Essentially Natural is the online home for 100% natural solutions and products that are genuinely good for you, your family and the Earth. Essentially Natural was founded in 2014 by cousins Jan and Vicki. Our aim was to put ourselves back in charge of what we were putting in and on our bodies, and in turn back in to the environment. We strove to provide a platform for the wonderful products we discovered. We hoped to help every one of us to live life as naturally as possible.

6 years later, the Essentially Natural family has – happily – swelled substantially. Our goal remains the same however and we’re still striving to do to simply that: to offer you the best in natural, raw, honest ingredients, materials, equipment and packaging and body and Earth-friendly products.

We care about what the labels say not only for our own well-being but that of our environment. For us, as you, the terms ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘zero-waste’, ‘earth friendly’, ‘do-it-yourself’ are not just catchphrases, but about harnessing that which is pure and natural, non-toxic, harm-free: that which is simply good, and that can safely be returned to the earth.


  • Support local community initiatives and ethical, fair trade practices.
  • Source all our products in South Africa – to us, being proudly South African means supporting local industry.
  • Believe in sharing information and constantly learning.
  • Believe in honesty and transparency in our relationships with our customers.
  • We only sell products we use and believe in ourselves.

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Welcome to South Africa’s organic, local, fair, ethical food directory, marketplace, and fundraising platform.

Be a food super-hero with every bite. Together we can reinvent the food system!  

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