CultureLab Kombucha

CultureLab Kombucha

Meet Jacques and Amy from CultureLab Kombucha. Not only do they brew Kombucha and tinker about with a few other ferments, in 2019, but they were also awarded first prize for Best Emerging Business in the Western Cape Entrepreneurial Recognition awards, and in 2020, they won first prize in the CfERI SMME awards too.


When they registered CultureLab Kombucha in 2017, they defined three simple goals.

 – Make a great product.

 – Be responsible.

 – Be useful.


Making a great product…

Jacques and Amy started selling CultureLab Kombucha to an incredible community of rock climbers in the Cedarberg. Through this, they got to know the surrounding mountainous community who now produce all their natural flavorings from local botanicals. They even do business with a subsistence farmer from the remote Heuningvlei village who delivers their Buchu and Rooibos extracts by donkey cart!

CultureLab Kombucha is slow brewed, taking between 60 to 90 days to get the result they want. The result is a premium unique brew, characterized by a full-body ferment and punchy flavor. The origin of Kombucha is ancient and the survival of the art and the ‘revival’ of its use are clear indications of the benefits enjoyed by its consumers. It can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to soda drinks and alcoholic beverages (or as a mix there in) or consumed purely for the delicious taste and gut healing properties.


Being responsible…

In terms of environmental responsibility, CultureLab Kombucha tires to do their bit, so they only bottle in dark glass and have added a permanent screen printed label to maximize the upscale and refill potential of each bottle – if you return it, they will re-use it.


Being useful…

CultureLab Kombucha also strive to be useful along the way by getting involved in the community around them by supporting NGOs, athletes, creatives and other people and organizations who are trying to reach their dreams. Jacques and Amy believe there is endless inspiration in the people around them. 

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