• Goodwood Food Forest

    Goodwood Food Forest is a small organic urban food forest that apply permaculture ethics and principles. A food forest aims to recreate the conditions found in ancient forests such as diversity, balance, abundance and natural systems, without ongoing mechanical, chemical or unnatural “interference” and wasteful labour, except to facilitate creation Read more [...]

  • Siyakhana food garden

    South Africa is in the midst of a food insecurity crisis: many go to bed hungry; a lack of dietary diversity leads to detrimental health outcomes such as diabetes and obesity; and micronutrient deficiencies cause stunting in children, which compromises future academic ability. What is needed is a change agent Read more [...]

  • Enviro Solutions Centre

    Enviro Solutions Centre a non profit organization which focuses on raising awareness of how we all can contribute to being part of the solutions for the environmental crisis which we are all facing and all collectively creating. Their three areas of focus are food production, energy and waste.

  • Bio-Harmonic Permaculture

    Bio-Harmonic Permaculture is on a  journey to explore permaculture, and the practical steps that can be taken to live a regenerative lifestyle. They hope to collaborate and co-create systems and strategies to reduce our impact on the Earth, to regenerate the ecosystems we inhabit, and to improve our health and well Read more [...]

  • Infinity farm

    Infinity farm, based in Riversdale in the Southern Cape of South Africa is a special place. Infinity farm try to design the natural ecosystem in such a way that it brings benefits to humans as well as to the indigenous wildlife. Their animals are raised fully free-range and their pastures consist Read more [...]

  • Spier

    Spier is a whole universe to discover for the local, ethical food lover where again you are spoiled for choice. You can either eat at Eight where the greens and fresh veggies come from Farmer John’s food garden, grown without the use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or artificial chemicals. Their fillet, sirloin Read more [...]

  • Farmer Angus

    Farmer – Angus apply Biodynamic agricultural principles and practices in raising cattle, laying hens, pigs, broiler chickens, lambs, vegetables and vines. They plant a diversity of perennial summer and winter legumes, herbs and grasses each of which brings different nutrition to the animals eating them as well as beneficial relationships with Read more [...]

  • OBDM – Organic & Biodynamic Market

    Different is not easy in today’s world, but the stallholders at OBM have been carefully selected for their ethics, transparency and quality. Organic; biodynamic; sustainable; permaculture; free range; fair trade; earth friendly; nutritious; nutrient dense – are all terms that belong to this market, almost kept a secret by Constantia school Read more [...]

  • Greenpop

      Greenpop is on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet. We plant trees and have fun doing it! We run urban greening and reforestation projects, spread environmental awareness wherever we go, and activate people through green festivals and workshops. Join the Greenpop Treevolution by helping us plant thousands Read more [...]

  • Urban Harvest

    Urban Harvest is South Africa’s oldest edible garden service. Through the installation, maintenance and support of organic food gardens in Homes, Businesses, Schools and Communities, Urban Harvest makes it easy for South Africans to grow their own fresh, nutrient-rich and chemical free food and have a great time doing it! Read more [...]

  • Living Art Farm

    Living Art Farm has organically grown as a base camp for many people travelling through, wanting to learn and work on township projects. From organic gardens to development work, many visitors have shared their own talents, skills and knowledge on different angles of sustainable development.

  • Wynberg Organic Farm

    Urban agriculture called upon us like spirits of farmers that want us to farm in the cities, we are using back yard spaces from business parks to cordoned off land left to do nothing, our mission for now is to produce intensively food in city spaces to combat unemployment and Read more [...]

  • Chart Farm

    Situated centrally near Wynberg Park in Cape Town, Chart Farm offers a farm-style retreat from the city. As the only place in the Cape Peninsula where you can select and pick your own roses, Chart Farm offers a unique experience for visitors. The coffee terrace serves delicious home-made cakes, breakfasts and Read more [...]

  • Soil for Life

    Soil for Life is a thriving inner-city urban farm, training centre; venue for hire and showcase edible garden tucked away down a secret road in Constantia. You will be enchanted by the rambling edible garden that tantalizes all of your senses. You will turn into a child who wants to Read more [...]

  • Lyndoch Ecovillage & Sustainability Institute

    An international living and learning centre focussing on studies and experience in ecology, community and spirit, that works in partnership with the School of Public Management and Planning, University of Stellenbosch in the following areas of education (Masters and PhD degrees in Sustainable Development Planning and Sustainable Agriculture), Early Childhood Development, Community Read more [...]

  • Vegkop Farm PHA

    Vegkop Farm is part of the Phillipi Horticultural Area’s Food & Farming Campaign led up by legendary Nazeer Sonday. There is usually cabbage, spinach,carrots, sweet potatoes, spring onion, celery, parsley, bringal, spinach and much much  more growing. What happens to all that produce you might ask? “We sell it at Read more [...]

  • Oude Molen Eco Village

    It is a vibrant and diverse village community that provides jobs, food security and youth development to the local, neighbouring and outlying communities in the region. Here you will find numerous metal, wood and craft enterprises, social projects, food gardens, a public swimming pool and recreation facilities, a frail care Read more [...]

  • Blue Sky Organics

      Blue Sky Organics is the trade name for Buffelshoek farm, a certified organic farm in the Klein Karoo. We grow as our main crop various cultivars of olives, and supplement with chilli, herbs, garlic and vegetables.

  • Harvest of Hope

    Abalimi Bezekhaya  is a non-profit micro-farming organisation that assist impoverished groups and communities within the area of  Cape Flats to establish and maintain their own vegetable gardens, so as to enable them to supplement their existing, inadequate supply of food and create livelihoods. Harvest of Hope was set up as a social Read more [...]