• Willow Creek Olive Estate

    Willow Creek Olive Estate lies in the beautiful Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertsonin the Western Cape.   Beneath Rabie Mountain, which forms part of the Langeberg Mountain range, the trees thrive in deep lime rich soil while a climate of extremes improves flavour profiles. This award-winning estate takes pride in Read more [...]

  • Camphill Village West Coast

      Camphill Village West Coast is a rural residential farm community for intellectually disabled adults which offers support and a family home environment which is mutually therapeutic and culturally fulfilling to all. Residents are taught various skills in income generating enterprises such as Dairy, Bakery, Cosmetics, Vegetable gardens and other Read more [...]

  • Lyndoch Ecovillage & Sustainability Institute

    An international living and learning centre focussing on studies and experience in ecology, community and spirit, that works in partnership with the School of Public Management and Planning, University of Stellenbosch in the following areas of education (Masters and PhD degrees in Sustainable Development Planning and Sustainable Agriculture), Early Childhood Development, Community Read more [...]

  • Oude Molen Eco Village

    It is a vibrant and diverse village community that provides jobs, food security and youth development to the local, neighbouring and outlying communities in the region. Here you will find numerous metal, wood and craft enterprises, social projects, food gardens, a public swimming pool and recreation facilities, a frail care Read more [...]