GMO & Poison Free Zones Launch on 16th October 2018 in South Africa to mark World Food Day

To mark World Food Day on the 16th October 2018 , GMO & Poison Free Zones are launching in South Africa.


What does this mean?


Until now, it is mostly industrial food produced with toxic chemicals that contaminate our ecosystems and have serious health affects that are protected. GMO & Poison Free Zones are now being marked to reverse this and to protect spaces that are being produced with natural seed, in harmony with nature, and without the use of toxic chemicals or processes.


Click on the picture to watch the fantastic video introducing you to this project and some of the incredible people behind it.


Good Food Network is proud to participate and mark these zones on the map for two reasons. Firstly so that their communities can be proud of these spaces, protect them and set an example to others to grow and protect their own GMO & Poison Free Zones, and secondly so that if these areas are ever contaminated they can defend themselves.


The message from the founders of GMO & Poison Free Zones is clear and as stated on their launch event description, reads as follows:


“We, environmental activists, seed savers, organic farmers, community members, artists, musicians, scientists, teachers, builders of the soil, carers of the earth and people, are honored to be a part of the GMO free zone campaign in South Africa.
We are not waiting to be rescued, we are not asking permission. Grass roots action. from the ground up.

We are locating and mapping spaces that farm without GMOs or the toxic chemical inputs that go along side them.
Creating Zones where the farmers are protected from contamination, communities are aware and celebrate their presence, where the environment is protected and farmers knowledge, trust, seed and community care nurtured.
We are launching on world food day October 1. With a celebration and release of the heat map showing the precious green zones.

You might be aware of the new gene editing (RNA interference, CRISPR GMO) technology that is in heated debate globally, (some call it “The GMOs we know on steroids” , because of the wiping out of existing species through contamination.

This campaign is In anticipation for invasive and destructive technology AND in celebration of those who choose to protect and rebuild the soil, seed and diversity of plant species.

The aim is to celebrate these spaces, let our communities know that they exist, to support, help build, protect and create awareness.
We will be launching the GMO Free Zone app in collaboration with @SAOSA containing some of the pilot GMO Free zones in South Africa.
Intro video –

This is a live app where you will be able to see which areas farm, eat, live with pure true seed, non toxic food and soil and are working towards or currently totally eliminating toxic chemical inputs and GMOs.”

Rushka Johnson (environmental activist, seed guardian, agroecological small scale farmer), will be presenting and combining the GMO Free Zone launch with the launch of PGS in Port Elizabeth and surrounds and will cover the following topics:

  • What are GMO Free Zones,
  • How you can register one
  • Why it is important
  • Which spaces and communities are committed to protecting and creating these spaces
  • What it means for our communities and future
  • How you can participate.

All these questions and more will be answered.

The launch will be featured in an up and coming Food Documentary.

The resistance is fertaile – join it! 🙂

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